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JG wrote of the 2017 event:
"Just want to thank you all for such a wonderful time on Saturday!! My boys, along with my husband and dad, all had a great time. They couldn't stop talking about it!! Thank you to all who organized, served and supported such a fabulous event!!"<>

SM wrote of the 2016 event:
"It's very well organized and so fun for the kids.   Hats off to all who are involved.  We had a great time.  Thanks for putting this on! "

RB wrote of the 2016 event:

"My girlfriend & her son went this year & had a great time."

SR wrote of the 2015 event:
"I just wanted to take a moment to let all of you know how much my son enjoyed Saturday . It was a great day with all kinds of wonderful activities. He enjoyed them all! I also wanted to thank all of you for your time and effort in putting together this activity for all the kids. We appreciate all your hard work. We also wanted to thank [an event volunteer] for bringing his bass boat out for the kids. I know it gets hard finding people willing to do this. Everyone was friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable, you could tell they all enjoyed being there instructing the kids. Again thank you so much and we can't wait till next year!"

BW wrote of the 2014 event:
"Thank you for hosting this great event. This was a unique opportunity for my kids  to try many different activities all in one place. It really sparked their interest and they are already asking to go fishing, kayaking and target shooting again."

JE wrote of the 2014 event:
"To all that helped make this day a success, thank you!  For the second year, my children enjoyed a fantastic day out, learned about themselves and the outdoors and learned to be competitive with grace.  I can only imagine the amount of work organizing this day much entail and we greatly appreciate it.  Thanks again."

DL wrote of the 2014 event:
"Excellent Day!  All the volunteers are very friendly. I take [my son] to do a lot of activities and sometimes people forget to just be nice.  Thanks again!"

RS wrote of the 2013 event:
"I just wanted to let you know that my children had a blast at this year's event.  They cannot wait to attend again next year."

KC wrote of the 2013 event:
"Today's event was wonderful!! What a fun perfect day for the kids. We had a wonderful time. Thanks to all who helped make this such a success!!!!"

DT wrote of the 2013 event:
"A huge thank you to all the staff & owners for an awesome day!  The kids had opportunities to experience skills that they otherwise would not.  I think we have a new love for fishing & archery and am looking forward to information from [an event volunteer] about the archery club/class.  A special thanks to [two fishing volunteers] for all their help baiting hooks & teaching how to cast.  My daughter can't wait to go fishing again. I guess I have to get brave enough to bait the hook myself!  Thanks again!"

LS wrote of the 2012 event:
"I attended this event with my daughters.  Everything was wonderful.  The volunteers spent time at each station teaching the children.  They were not rushed and gave each child the direction that they needed.  This was a great day and planned very well.  Thanks for all your hard work."

KC wrote of the 2012 event:
"What a great day!  Well run and organized.  My boys are still talking about it; they had a blast!  Hats off to all the volunteers and sponsors."

GH wrote of the 2012 event:
"Had a great time today. Well organized. Thanks very much to all the volunteers and sponsors."

KH wrote of the 2012 event:
"I just wanted to thank you for a great event and a really fun day! The whole atmosphere of the day was really enjoyable.  We hope to attend again in the future."

A multi-family group wrote of the 2012 event:
"The event was excellent and extremely well-organized beginning with the registration until the final canon fire at the end of the event.  We had eight kids...  We all had so much fun!  But what really makes the event so great is the volunteers.  They were all so patient, friendly and eager to help the kids learn about the various sports.  The Salem County Sportsmen's Club property is really beautiful and well maintained.  Our sincerest thanks to the club, all the event sponsors and especially thanks to the volunteers that just want the kids to have fun and to teach them about outdoor sports activities.  Thank you for a fantastic day and great way to spend some outdoor family time together!"

SC wrote of the 2011 event:
"Thank you so much for this wonderful event. [My son] and I had plenty of fun."

MR wrote of the 2010 event:
"Thank you for a great time at Outdoor Day.  The kids had a blast.   Looking forward to next year already."

DW wrote of the 2010 event:
"[My son] is 8 years old and he absolutely loved it.  He had the most fun shooting all the weapons and bow & arrow.  That was the first time he got to experience that.  ...everyone who assisted my son with the activities were super nice and helpful.  Thank you and your organization so much for allowing us this opportunity."

JE wrote of the 2009 event:
"As a first-time visitor to the Outdoor Day, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for an excellent event and a great opportunity.  My two boys had a fantastic time in the outdoors with all of the activities.  We look forward to attending again next year!"

MJ wrote of the 2009 event:
"[Our] family had a blast this year!! The lollipops were a hit with the toddlers!  Thank you again for all the hard work it takes to provide our youth with this event!"
RK wrote of the 2009 event:
"My two grandchildren just attended their first South Jersey Youth Outdoor Day and had an outstanding day.  We will definitely sign up again next year and would certainly recommend the event to others.  It was just a great day, and the shooting events and kayaking were definitely at the top of the list."

FK wrote of the 2008 event:
"The kids had a blast last year and are really looking forward to it again this year."

JS wrote of the 2008 event:

"Thank you! This is such a great event. We have told lots of friends with kids and this past year they attended it and had a great time too!"

SB wrote of the 2007 event:
"I thought this was a wonderful experience for my 8 year old son.  We both enjoyed our day.  The program was well run.  All the volunteers there were WONDERFUL with the boys.  I could not express how pleased I was.  Thanks again and see you next year."

JF of Richland wrote of the 2007 event:
"The chairman, committee, volunteers, and sponsors are to be commended for the efforts they made to ensure a GREAT time for all the kids. This is the 3rd year my grandchildren have attended and they look forward to next year. The many outdoor activities offered in one location are tremendous.   KEEP UP the GOOD WORK."

CW of Toms River wrote of the 2007 event:
"I am so happy I brought [my sons] to Outdoor Day!! We had a fantastic day.  What a great staff!  It was so well organized too. Fantastic Job!"

C&RL of Millville wrote of the 2007 event:
"Thank you. We had another great day that we will be talking about for a while."

B&DP of Franklinville wrote of the 2007 event:
"I just want to thank you ever so much for providing a full day of fun, adventure and learning for my son and [his friend].  They thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Youth Outdoor Day!  When I asked [my son] what his favorite thing was, He replied, "Everything.  I want to be a sportsman!"  He spent the rest of today practicing fly fishing, hunting and trapping.  We just want to express our appreciation and
send along some thunderous applause to those who made it all possible."

AC of Swedesboro wrote of the 2007 event:
"I think that you guys did a great job.  I really liked it.  My brother and I had soooo much fun!  Thank you all very much for all of the effort that you put into it."

P&PL of Egg Harbor Twp and S&KL of Monmouth Junction wrote of the 2006 event:

"I just have to tell you that this year's SJYOD was just the best.  We can't thank you enough for the fun, good times, new friends, and most of all the experiences that our kids and we experienced yesterday."  "Everything was so well run and orchestrated.  The volunteers and instructors were kind, patient, willing to help & show, and just all around terrific people!"  " You taught us new skills, taught the kids safety, taught us about nature, how to use it, and how to enjoy it!"  "We will always remember that day as one of our most remembered special family days spent together."

MN of Pilesgrove commented about the 2006 event:
"I was very pleased with how quickly the lines moved.  At no time was I concerned about the safety and equipment being used with my child during the event."

JD of Cherry Hill commented about the 2005 event:
My two sons and I just wanted to say thanks to all the great hard working staff at the outdoor event.  This was our first visit to your club.  We had a great time and enjoyed the cleanliness of your club and the total organization of the event.  Your staff was very polite and patient which helped my kids have a great first experience target shooting with .22.  Look forward to next years event."